Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hey all! Well, I stuck with the whole photo a day thing pretty well until school started getting more time consuming! Funny how that happens, huh? Oh well, only about a month left until I graduate high school! YES! I've had senioritis since 9th grade so I'm getting pretty excited! Haha :p 

Another thing that I have started doing lately is reviewing books! So you will start to see reviews on the blog every once in a while now. For the first review, I've had contact with the author and we are going to do a GIVEAWAY!!! :) I'll post it on Monday (hopefully :p). I will probably post the review before then just to give you a glimpse of the book. 
MaryLu Tyndall's website:

Forsaken Dreams

MaryLu Tyndall is the author and the book is entitled 'Forsaken Dreams.' It was an AMAZING book. You are really aren't going to want to miss this giveaway! See you soon! :)

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