Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, this past Saturday, my church's youth group went to Winterjam! It was amazing. :) My two favorite groups there were for King & Country and Sanctus Real. I love those two groups! Here is a song from each band (don't forget to turn of the sidebar music first!) :

'The Redeemer' by Sanctus Real
'Busted Heart' by for King & Country

All the other bands were pretty great too. I'm not much of a Skillet fan though :P They were the featured band this year. Now, I will admit, they did the song 'Hero' really cool! They had blazing fire and TONS of blinky lights on all the songs, but on this song, the guitar players came up and were raised up and down on pieces of the stage that went up and down. Also, the drummer (who just happens to be a girl, which I thought was pretty cool) was up on a podium looking thing that (only during this song) came forward and then raised her up even more that she already was. As if that wasn't enough, the thing then spun her around in circles! And she didn't even miss a beat. If it had been me, I would have fallen off! Let alone actually play drums... Shew.  

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Ashley Arianne said...

i pretty much love for king and country....especially this song!!!