Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Photo Challenge - Oops!!!

So I just realized that I have been completely forgetting to post this month's photos! So terribly sorry about that. Here they are:
1- fork
2- pattern
3- something beginning with 'e' (the dog, Ellie)
4-hope (he really wants to be able to spin that on his finger.)
5- something you smelled
6- soft ( I LOVE my NGU hoodie!!!)
7- your name
8- something orange
9- guilty pleasure
10- 3 o'clock
11- entrance
12- where you ate lunch ( didn't actually eat lunch that day!)
13- walking ( my shoes)
14- love is...
15- inside your fridge
16- perfect (I love how the snow where I live comes and then goes all in a matter of hours. )

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