Friday, July 6, 2012

Hola from Honduras!

Hi everyone! I am currently updating from my ipod touch so please excuse all typing/spelling errors. I've already spent one week in honduras and am working on my second. I'm having an awesome time. This past week we worked in a village in the mountains. It was gorgeous up there! And the people were so sweet too! I'm goin to miss them so much. We went and worked in the morning an had vbs with the kids in the village after lunch. Then on some nights we had worship. I love the worship time because you could tell the people were real in their worship. I'll post some pictures when i get home. This next week I'm going to e helping run a camp for orphans. It sounds really exciting! Ok, I'm going to log off of here. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please keep praying for me :) I appreciate t a lot. Adios!

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Memzie said...

Sounds like you have been VERY busy but a good busy.